10 Summer Date Ideas To Add To Your Bucket List

Summer is just around the corner…so do you know what that means? It means late nights with friends, adventures that turn into memories, and last minute Taco Bell runs to get Cinnabons & specificaly 2 Cheesy Gordita Crunch Wraps. Now that you know my Taco Bell order, I’m here to help you fill in the blanks on your bucket list!

Whether you’re looking for date ideas to cross off your list with friends, family, or your bf/gf, these 10 ideas will definitely send you on the right path to the BEST. SUMMER. EVER!

Host game night at your house! Invite your friends/family/couples and ask everyone to bring a snack and their favorite game. This is a fun way to have everyone participate equally even if you’re the one hosting.

Go star gazing! Grab a blanket, a loved one, and of course a snack or two and head out into your backyard. You can also do this for sunrises or sunsets. This date is perfect to enjoy each others company as well as the beautiful scenery God created for us.

Go hiking or go on a trip to visit local waterfalls! It’s important to ground yourself and feel one with the earth. Wisconsin has so many fun hiking trails & waterfalls to see. Go for a dive, hike to the tallest peak, or even just sit in peace!

Go on an ice cream date! My bf and I went to South Pier Parlor in Sheboygan right on the water! We walked around for a bit and that area even had mini golf! Such a fun little date night that I will never forget.

Go to karaoke night! If you don’t have a karaoke machine at home, find a restaurant you’ve never been to that has karaoke night! This is such a fun experience, even if you can’t sing to save your life…..*cough cough* me….Memories will be made for sure!

Go zip lining! This has been on my bucket list for years and I’m finally going to do it! You can go somewhere local or even find a place on vacation. It’s scary to do something out of your comfort zone but the result is well worth it!

Go camping! Now, before I say anything…..everyone who knows me, knows that I am very much a “glamper.” I need to have my face wash, good food, and a comfy bed, lol. However, I’ve never actually been camping in a tent. If you’re like me, try camping in your backyard! Spend some time with friends without any technology. It will be a much needed cleanse.

Go on a dinner cruise! Take a loved one or a group of friends and rent a boat for a few hours! Bring some food, park the boat in the middle of the water and enjoy the scenery…..and of course the food (only if I didn’t make it).

Spend a night in! Pick your favorite movies, bake some goodies, grab some snacks, and cuddle in for the night. Believe or not, we all need some downtime! It’s always healthy to relax!

Stay at a different hotel every so often and try new things each one has to offer. Order food service, go swimming, or even visit fun places around that area!

Obviously, there are SO many more fun date night ideas! However, I hope you jot some of these down on your bucket list. Remember you only live once so live it to the fullest! If you want to do something, just do it! If you don’t then don’t. Do what YOU want to do! This is your life, so live it like it’s your last day….just don’t make decisions you’re going to regret.

Anyways, thank you for reading this blog post! Have the best summer yet 🙂

A new year of you!

So, it’s currently 11:51 pm and the only thing I want to do is write. Gosh, I’m sitting here reflecting on how I’ve been doing these past few months and I’m just disappointed in myself. I was doing great, but Covid happened and I fell off track. I used to have goals, write consistent blog posts, workout every day, write in my gratitude journal….and now I just “don’t have time” or am “too lazy” to do any of that. However, it’s never too late! I’m now setting goals to better aline myself for this upcoming year. 2021 will be a year of me! It’s crucial to take care of yourself mentally and physically. It’s easy to forget ourselves in the midst of helping and taking care of others. Don’t let anyone stop you from achieving your goals and following your dreams! YOU can seriously do ANYTHING! As long as you put in the work and dedication, you will succeed. Looking at women that make millions each year doing what they love, it’s easy to get lost in the thought of it being impossible. Yet, I bet they were in this same spot. They thought it would be impossible to accomplish their dreams. But one day they decided to just do it! That’s the key…JUST DO IT! Start following your dreams now. Work hard to get what you want. Manifest them and love yourself in the process!

When I think about my future, helping people is very important to me. A goal I’m setting for this new year is doing one task a day (at least) to benefit someone other than myself. I love giving to others and if I had a million dollars, I would do just that.

What goal(s) are you setting for 2021?

Have you started following your dreams?

What’s stopping you?

There’s no excuse….you CAN and WILL accomplish whatever you set your mind too!

If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few mini goals for each day:

  • Go to bed early and get up early
  • Drink half your body weight in oz
  • Workout for half an hour
  • Write 3 things you’re grateful for
  • Learn something new….a skill….a fact….
  • Write one reason you love yourself
  • Thank God for all your blessings

Now, I am headed to bed. Thank you for reading! I hope you found this eye opening and encouraging. It’s never to late to focus on YOU!

The guide to an outfit for EVERY occasion

Remember that time you were nervous for a first date and had NO IDEA what to wear? Or that time when you made plans last-minute and couldn’t decide on a single shirt!? I don’t know about you but I have a lot of clothes, yet I constantly look in my closet and tell myself “I have nothing to wear.” Sound familiar? Well, if that sounds like you too, you’ve come to the right place! The guide to an outfit for EVERY occasion is here to help!

So, back to when I was talking about first dates, there are obviously SO many cute outfits you can wear! However, some of you might not know where to start when it comes to picking out an outfit! That’s where I come in!! Since it’s fall, whenever you go out you should either have a vest or a coat. If you’re planning on going “out,” I suggest a cute coat. My favorite coat at the moment is my long, tan one! Tan and beige are my go-to colors for clothes. They match with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!!

Now, if you’re wearing a coat, a cute shirt with a collar is definitely a must have! Your shirt should either be an accent to your patterned coat, or a pattern that matches your plain colored coat.

If you look at the pictures you’ll see that my coat is plain tan and my shirt is leopard! They match perfectly! To spice up that look a bit you can even wear leopard shoes. I can promise you will be UNFORGETTABLE!

You just got off the phone……you need to be ready FAST!! Ok, ladies! IT’S GO TIME!

No matter what you’re doing, a heavy weight sweater is the perfect top! Collar or not, it will keep you warm AND dress you up a bit. Now, because you made last minute plans you won’t have a lot of time to do your hair…that’s OK. All you need is a cute hat that accentuates the sweater. If you don’t have one…Retro Wide Brim Panama Hat is definitely one to get! Lastly, a cute pair of ripped jeans will pull this look together! One tip I like to remember is: If you have a light shirt, wear dark jeans. Vice-versa. I promise you that will make a HUGE difference!

As most of you know, Thanksgiving is almost here!! Besides Christmas, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It’s the perfect time to come together with family and really just enjoy each others company. When it comes to your outfit, you want to be comfy, yet adorable! A long, soft tunic is a GREAT idea!

Did you think that was it?! No way! If you wear a long tunic you need a chic accessory to add some fun into your outfit. I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that I have a tiny obsession with leopard..lol. It’s just such a cute pattern to rock! With that said, a leopard belt with leopard shoes will make you look like a MASTERPIECE!!

Finally!! It’s time for a girls night out! Woo hooooooooo. Who doesn’t love getting ready for a fun night out on the town?! As we ease into fall weather, skirts are going bye-bye. Although, there is nothing wrong with rocking your favorite skirt ONE last time! If you have a skirt that has many colors, pick one for the shirt! I HATE when clothes just don’t match with each other. It is my number one pet peeve!!

A cute, comfortable, light weight top is the way to go! DON’T forget to iron it…like I did! LOL!

I hope my guide helps you for your next occasion! As long as you’re confident in yourself, that’s all that matters!

Shop my looks:

Leopard Print Long Sleeve Crew Neck

Long Tan Jacket Overcoat

Long Sleeve Turtleneck Sweater

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Leopard Print Long Sleeve Top

Leopard Print Leather Belt

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Relipop Women’s Flared Short Skirt

2 Calvin Klein Cotton Bralettes

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7 ways to rebuild your self-esteem

When it comes to self-esteem, it can either make us or break us. If your self-esteem is low, it could be detrimental to your success and the overall way you feel about who you are. When I was younger, I really did care about what others thought about me. I was shy and nervous just to walk into a known place by myself. As I grew into the young woman I am now, I gained a lot of self-respect and confidence. I absolutely love the person I have become in this world. I’m not saying I’m perfect or I never make mistakes, by any means. What I am saying is that I learned to choose how I responded to them.

If there is anything I’d want you to remember from my blog today, it’s this: We all have the power to become whoever we want to be in this life. We only get ONE life to live, so live it to your fullest. WHO CARES WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK ABOUT YOU! Are they you? No, so don’t be who they think you should be. Do what makes you happy, make decisions that benefit you and only you. Don’t just say yes to someone because you feel bad. I did this all the time and I hated when I had to fulfill what they asked. There is a world to be seen out there. Get out and go explore it. Seriously, don’t take anything for granted because you never know what life might throw at you. Speaking of that, when life takes a turn, don’t worry and stress over it. You know why? God has a plan for you. He wouldn’t give you a challenge unless he knew you were strong enough to handle it. Just re-read that and really try to understand !!

Now, lets get into it…

Be careful what you tell yourself

Negative talk can be a total barrier when it comes to rebuilding your self-esteem. I’m sure you’ve noticed that if you keep telling yourself a lie, you’ll eventually believe it. That’s dreadful when it comes to saying things like:

  • I’m not smart enough
  • I’m not worthy
  • It will never workout
  • This is impossible
  • Everyone is better than me
  • I’m not beautiful

When these thoughts start to fill your mind, overpower them with thoughts of love and comfort.

You ARE smart enough!

You ARE worthy!

Things WILL workout! Just give it some time.

Things ARE possible, especially through Christ!

NO ONE is or will ever be better than you.

You ARE beautiful! Don’t let anyone change your mind.

Don’t compare yourself

We have all been guilty of comparing ourselves to others. Let me tell you something though… it’s a battle you will NEVER win. There is no harm in admiring others and taking notice of them shouldn’t diminish your self-worth. Comparing yourself to others doesn’t just steal your happiness, but it also takes time away from enjoying the blessings God has given you already.

There is nothing wrong with using the achievements of others to inspire you or motivate you as long as you do not let it consume you to the point of negativity.

Keep a log of what you’re proud of

When trying to gain more self-esteem, this is one way to really boost you up there. Keeping a log of not only what your proud of, but achievements you’ve made and things you’ve accomplished will help you when your mind is full of negativity. As you start to feel lower than others, you can look back at everything that makes you AMAZING! This is personally one of my favorite ideas I’ve come across!

Take care of yourself

As many of you know, I’m a big lover of self-care. I believe it’s very important when living a healthy life. Self-care isn’t just making sure you’ve washed your face before you went to bed. It’s about taking care of your body and being aware of your mental health. Think of yourself and what YOUR needs are! That’s most important.

Ditch the “negative nancy’s”

Who do you choose to surround yourself with? Being around people who are constantly judging you or putting you down isn’t healthy. If someone you hang around with always has negative thoughts, how is that fun? Instead, be with the people that help you see the brighter picture, the ones that are constantly encouraging you and helping you be the best YOU, you can be.

Don’t have expectations

Wow. This is one I still struggle with. I always seem to have these great expectations of how everyone and everything should be….and guess what? I just seem to be let down and disappointed because it didn’t turn out the way I hoped. If we just started taking things for what they are and didn’t expect them to be a certain way, we might not be happy about it but surely content. Life will be filled with disappointments. You just need to focus on the process of attracting the things you want. Once you do that your perception will change for the better.

Embrace failure

Life is a game of trial and error. You do something and it doesn’t work out? Learn from it. Be proud of your failures because they are stepping stones to your achievements. If you’re always successful at things you will never learn from them as you would from failures. When you start to EMBRACE failing, you will then see your fear of failure subside.

-Go fly, roam, travel, voyage, explore, journey, discover, adventure-

9 pieces every woman NEEDS in her wardrobe

Okay…I don’t know about you, but I’m very much a fashionista. Some of you may not be and that’s totally fine! We all have our own style! When it comes down to deciding what look I’m going to be rocking that day, I spend a lot of time just staring at my closet. I hate wasting my time doing that, but that’s how I am. From my undergarments, down to the tiniest accessory, I need it to match. I can’t stand wearing an uncoordinated outfit. However, like I said before, you may feel the opposite. Even though we might not like the same look, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have these 9 pieces in your closet!

The plain white tee

Ok, so…is it just me or do you also have many plain white shirts? I hardly ever wear any, yet I can’t bring myself to get rid of them. I feel that there’s always a need to have at least one casual, plain white tee. Do you know all of the outfits you can put together with this piece!? A LOT! You can wear it under cardigans and sweaters as well as pair it with any color leggings, jeans, and shorts. This is a necessity when it comes to your wardrobe!

Skin soft leggings

Who lives in leggings?? If all of us girls took a vote, I’m sure we would all agree that leggings are one of the BEST clothing items ever to be made! I love just slipping on a pair of comfy, cute leggings and getting on with my day. You can even dress them up! Throw on a pair of cute sandals, grab a stylish shirt with a jean jacket, and there you go! You’re ready for a girl’s day or even a fun night out!

The statement blazer

Recently, I have been obsessed with blazers. I don’t know why I love them so much. Maybe it’s because it makes me feel like a successful business women? Like I have some sort of power when I put it on? Well, anyways, every girl needs a statement blazer. Whether you wear it all the time, or once a year. I guarantee you it will come in handy someday!

Power shoes

As you can see, I LOVE SHOES! Who doesn’t? Ok, I’m sure some girls just aren’t into the whole shoe obsession, and that’s totally fine! I feel like shoes just put your whole look together. Whether it’s tennis shoes, boots, or sandals, they’re the key piece to your outfit!

A leather staple

Leather jackets are most common in black or brown colors. You know why? Actually….I don’t either. However, black and brown colors are meant to compliment any outfit! If your look needs a little spice, throw on a leather jacket and BAM! A whole new you!

A trusty tote

Totes have become a need in every woman’s wardrobe. Seriously, you can fit your whole world into a tote. In a room full of bags, totes are by far the coolest. They are trendy, fun, manageable, and sturdy. Did you think I was done ranting about how amazing totes are!? NO WAY….they are completely compatible with ANY outfit!! Floral, striped, spotted, and even plain! The best thing is that they come in pretty much any material too! Nylon, leather, canvas, and so much more! You won’t regret this……investment. 😉

Laid back ball cap

I know for a fact that we’ve all had that time where we didn’t feel like washing our hair! What was our solution? A hat! That’s such a genius idea. Don’t you agree? We can throw it on and know no one would ever know if we had a rats nest underneath, lol. I’m sure all of us have that one go-to hat. However, it’s fun to have a selection to choose from. Just a few colors that match with your wardrobe! Hats have been around forever and they won’t go out of style. It’s definitely a smart purchase!

The go-to bra

What is the best feeling EVER!? I’ll answer that for you…..taking your bra off after a long day! Bras can be so uncomfortable! There are so many different styles of bras, yet we all have that ONE we wear ALL THE TIME! Some of you may be saying “what a dream that would be,” or “life with a COMFY bra?” If that’s you…..stop reading this and go buy yourself a quality, comfy, lightweight, bra. This will be the best decision you’ve ever made! Well, that and your choice to go down the snack aisle at the store…lol.

The lazy day spandex

Tight-fit shorts that shape your body AND are good for working out, going into town, or having a lazy day? Yes, please!! You really can’t go wrong with these, they’re a game-changer. Soft and adorable is an understatement! Your body will be thanking you, your closet will be thanking you, and you will be giving yourself a pat on the back for purchasing this necessity!

Shop these pieces:



Happy fall yall!

So….maybe I’m a little late to the party..but that’s ok. I’m honestly so excited while writing this post. Maybe it’s because I haven’t sat down and actually wrote a blog post in a while…..or maybe it’s because I’m sitting in my fall pj’s, under a bunch of cozy blankets, watching a Christmas movie. What do you think? I think it’s both! Also…yes…I said Christmas movie. I know it’s early but I couldn’t help myself!! Anyways, I’m such a lover of everything fall. Not just because of the excessive decorating, but when fall rolls around that means WARDROBE CHANGE!! There’s nothing like the feeling of replacing your tank tops and shorts for cozy sweaters and cute pants! I think the worst part about this whole “replacing” thing is that I NEVER have enough room in my closet for all of my fall outfits….but I mean who ever does!?

For the start of this new month, I challenge all of you to make a list of goals you want to accomplish. It doesn’t matter how many or what they are. If you never set obtainable goals for yourself, how will you reach them? Only you have the power to make it happen! Go for it girl! Yes, right now. I’m serious. It will be worth it.

Okay I have a question for you now….

What is your dream life? Take a moment to think about it. Now that you’ve thought about it, what’s stopping you from living that life? You have the ability to accomplish it! Maybe you ARE living your dream life. I encourage those of you to embrace that. You’re going to have bad days, that’s just how it is. It’s how you chose to react that makes a difference. Every day’s a new day so make it count.

If you couldn’t tell, keepers of the light candles are MY FAVORITE. They’re the BOMB!! If you don’t buy these fall scented candles…you need to get on that! Seriously, you won’t regret it. If you do..then..well…..no no you won’t regret it. Keepers of the light candles burn for 155 hours and they even come in reusable jars with a cute ribbon!


A Cheerful Giver Banana Nut Bread 34 oz. Papa Jar Candle, 34oz

A Cheerful Giver Homemade Gingerbread 34 oz. Papa Jar Candle, 34oz

A Cheerful Giver Orange Cinnamon Clove 34 oz. Papa Jar Candle, 34oz

A Cheerful Giver Praline Caramel Sticky Buns Papa Jar Candle, 34-Ounce, Brown (JP41)

A Cheerful Giver Juicy Apple 34 oz. Papa Jar Candle, 34oz

A Cheerful Giver Aunt Kook’s Apple Cider 34 oz. Papa Jar Candle, 34oz

A Cheerful Giver Warm and Gooey Cinnamon Buns Papa Jar Candle, 34-Ounce, 34oz

A Cheerful Giver Blueberry Muffins 34 oz. Papa Jar Candle, 34oz

A Cheerful Giver Cranberry Orange 34 oz. Papa Jar Candle

A Cheerful Giver Gourmet Sugar Cookie 34 oz. Papa Jar Candle, 34oz

A Cheerful Giver Maple Syrup Pancakes Papa Jar Candle, 34-Ounce, Black (JP58)

A Cheerful Giver Honey Pear Cider 34 oz. Papa Jar Candle, 34oz

A Cheerful Giver Pumpkin Pie 34 oz. Papa Jar Candle, 34oz

A Cheerful Giver Butter Maple Toddy 34 oz. Papa Jar Candle, 34oz

A Cheerful Giver Almond Butter Pound Cake 34 oz. Papa Jar Candle, 34oz

Shop the tinier candles:

A Cheerful Giver Baked Candy Apple Baby Jar Candle, 6 oz

A Cheerful Giver Orange Cinnamon Clove Baby Jar Candle, 6-Ounce (JNB97), 6oz

A Cheerful Giver Holly Tree 6 oz. Baby Jar Candle, 6oz

A Cheerful Giver Harvest Moon 6 Oz Baby Jar Candle, Multi

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. (PAID LINKS)

Self-care bucket list!!!

Ok, question. Whatcha doin’ this summer? Have any fun things planned? Well, maybe you do or maybe you don’t. Regardless…..I made a list of positive, self-caring, and enjoyable things for you to try. It’s so important that you stop and take care of yourself and your needs. I’m sure you have fun activities to do this summer, but why not add in a few more that will make you feel accomplished? Every day, a few times a week, whenever you have time, pick one thing to do and DO IT! It’s as simple as that.

Ok, now that I rambled on for a bit, get a piece of paper and a pen….(or nowadays, your phone)

Write (or type) these down….

-Stargaze in silence

-Meditate by a campfire

-Enjoy a rainy day with a book

-Be a tourist in your own town

-Watch the sunrise/sunset

-Create a journaling routine

-Curate an inspiring podcast playlist

-Have a mid-year goals check in

-Read a personal growth book

-Do a digital detox

-Green your beauty routine

-Take one step toward a dream

-Have a picnic in the park

-Take a road trip

-Volunteer for a cause

Obviously there are SO many more ideas you can do. You can even try a “summer self-care CHALLENGE”

Step one: Get your calendar

Step two: For each day of the month, write down something you can do to better yourself

Step three: DO IT!!!!

It’s as easy as 1,2,3

Just a daily motivation tip for you: Don’t ignore your own potential

What’s in my makeup bag?!

Ok, before I share my favorite beauty products, I just want to tell you that NO ONE NEEDS MAKEUP TO BE BEAUTIFUL. In this world, it is so important that you remind yourself that. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Never compare yourself to what you see. God created you beautifully and wonderfully. Don’t let anyone tell you different!

Alright, I have a question for you…be honest with yourself.

Why do YOU wear makeup? Keyword YOU. Do you wear it because you think that its a part of life and you HAVE to? Or do you wear it because you’re confident enough in yourself that you wear it when u want to spice things up? Wearing makeup shouldn’t be a hassle. You shouldn’t think that if you don’t wear makeup you’re not beautiful. Wearing it should be fun! If you’re not truly confident in your skin, change it. Now I don’t mean go and get surgery……just research skincare products and try them out! There IS something out there that could potentially clear up your insecurities, YOU have the ability to take charge.

Ok who’s ready to read what’s in my makeup bag?! me me me me me!!

YAY! Here we go…

  1. Covergirl clean matte BB cream.. I use light/medium- shade 530

This is a tinted moisturizer. Every time I do my makeup this is the first step. It is but isn’t like foundation. It gives you some color, however, it doesn’t cover up pimples, scars, etc. I hate the feeling of makeup being caked on my face. This is very light and I love it!

2. Airspun loose face power

This doesn’t have a color. It smells amazing and it leaves my face smooth!

3. Anastasia beverly hills bronzer

I started wearing bronzer this year and I love that it adds a tan look to your face. Since I recently started wearing this, it’s the only bronzer i’ve used. I do like it though!

4. E.L.F highlighter

There are 2 different shades of highlighter in this. I don’t wear highlighter ever. I saw it at the store and I thought it was cute lol. I know….totally spending my money wisely!

5. Real techniques brushes

I got these as a gift and I love them! They are SO SOFT!! Also, if you’re wondering about the tips of the brushes….it isn’t leftover makeup. The brush fades color LOL. I promise I wash them!!

6. Eyebrow brush and pencil in one

I not sure what brand this is but there’re so many out there to purchase. I honestly never did my brows nor do I need to do them. However, I do add more color towards the end of them because I do have a few tiny patches that are not as dark as the rest.

7. Eyelash separator and curler

My look would not be complete without these!!! I have very long eyelashes that stick straight out. When I curl them the ends touch my eyebrows. NO JOKE!! The separator is amazing as well. I have many eyelashes that like to buddy up lol. With this tool, it is so easy to place them where I want it!

8. L’oreal paris Voluminous original mascara.

I have always used this. It is my FAVORITE!! It comes in a few different shades. I use brown to match my hair color and eyebrows. I will never switch!

9. The balm/revlon eyeshadow

I never wear eyeshadow unless it is a very special occasion. Hence why the palettes look brand new. These are a few of my favorite colors. I’m more of a nude kinda girl. Nude as in the color!!!


10. Coola makeup setting spray

MY FAVORITE PRODUCT HOLY MOLY. It has 70% organic products. It has SPF 30 and it smells amazing!! My face seriously is like a babies bum after.

11. Lip stick/gloss

I obviously have many more, however, I wear these the most. The last one- Lip service from pathology is my everyday one. No matter what I’m doing, I use it. If I’m going somewhere fun or special then I will use lipstick or gloss.

That’s it, folks! I really don’t wear much. I like it when my makeup looks natural. I do enjoy rocking my no-makeup look too!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

My morning skincare routine

Taking care of your skin is MEGA important when it comes to self-love. Everyone’s skin is different and beautiful in their own way. I’m not here to tell you what you’re doing wrong or what products you need to use instead. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to products. Therefore, it’s up to you to find what works best for you! This video is just to show you what I do and what products my skin loves. It is not sponsored at all what-so-ever. If you have any questions on the skincare line I use, or what products I think work best, email me -oliviakraemer2@gmail.com! However, I am by no means a dermatologist!!!!

Taking care of your skin doesn’t have to be this long procedure. All it takes is at least 5 minutes out of your morning to show it some love.

Some tips for skincare – Wash your hands first, follow the directions on your products, drink water, don’t touch your face( aka: pop pimples, scratch, rub hard)

Ok, the moment you’ve all been waiting for.. my morning skin care routine:

Thank you for watching!!! 🙂🙂🙂🙂

Tips for keeping your skin in check

Keeping your skin healthy, smooth, and the best it can be, is a lot of work. Many of us have things we want to change about our skin. Think about what that may be for you. Do you have recurring pimples? Scars that your pimples leave behind? Groups of black heads? Or maybe you don’t know what skin care line is best for you. It’s hard to know what your skins needs are. I really struggled trying to find the best products to use. I didn’t really know where to start at first either. However, after trying out different combinations of products, I found what worked best for my skin. I don’t personally know what your skins needs are and I’m not a dermatologist either. However, if you don’t know where to start, here is a list of things I put together to start you off:

  1. Cleansing in the morning AND evening is a MUST: Ok listen…..NEVER EVER sleep with your makeup on! Holy moly, I cannot express this enough. I am proud to say I have only done this once a long time ago. I woke up feeling disgusting and my face hated me. Promise yourself that even though you might be really tired and lazy you will TAKE OFF YOUR MAKEUP AND WASH YOUR FACE! Now I don’t mean just use baby oil or makeup wipes and then head to bed. NO. You will leave your face oily and at that point it really doesn’t matter if you took it off or not. I started using the Averr Aglow luminous clear skin kit and IT WORKS WONDERS!! It’s all natural and leaves your skin feeling refreshed. Find what works for you and stick with it. Your skin loves consistency so make sure you don’t switch up your products too often.
  2. Drink LOTS of water: I myself have trouble drinking a lot of water. I typically drink 2 bottles during the day, however, I find that late at night I tend to down at least 2 bottles. My body is telling me that I’m dehydrated during the day and I need to make a change. Water is really the only thing I drink (besides tea and milk once in a while) -Stay away from soda and energy drinks….they’re not good for you. They might taste good but you can buy flavored water. If you want to see a change in your skin..DRINK WATER. Our bodies need 6-8 glasses a day. Make this your goal! Your skin will thank you and so will your body!
  3. Protect your skin from the sun: This is such an important step in your daily routine. Whether it’s applying sunscreen before makeup or using makeup that has it in it. I don’t wear foundation but I use a tinted moisturizer and it has SPF. Really make sure you check your makeup products.
  4. Have a healthy diet: I’m sure you have heard this so many times but eat healthy. Yeah I know…it’s not as easy as it looks but really tell yourself that it will benefit you. If you actually want to help your skin, you WILL DO THIS. Eating healthy isn’t just for your skin, you will feel more active and refreshed during the day.

Ok, obviously there are way more tips on helping your skin be at its best, but start with these!

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