Self-care bucket list!!!

Ok, question. Whatcha doin’ this summer? Have any fun things planned? Well, maybe you do or maybe you don’t. Regardless…..I made a list of positive, self-caring, and enjoyable things for you to try. It’s so important that you stop and take care of yourself and your needs. I’m sure you have fun activities to do this summer, but why not add in a few more that will make you feel accomplished? Every day, a few times a week, whenever you have time, pick one thing to do and DO IT! It’s as simple as that.

Ok, now that I rambled on for a bit, get a piece of paper and a pen….(or nowadays, your phone)

Write (or type) these down….

-Stargaze in silence

-Meditate by a campfire

-Enjoy a rainy day with a book

-Be a tourist in your own town

-Watch the sunrise/sunset

-Create a journaling routine

-Curate an inspiring podcast playlist

-Have a mid-year goals check in

-Read a personal growth book

-Do a digital detox

-Green your beauty routine

-Take one step toward a dream

-Have a picnic in the park

-Take a road trip

-Volunteer for a cause

Obviously there are SO many more ideas you can do. You can even try a “summer self-care CHALLENGE”

Step one: Get your calendar

Step two: For each day of the month, write down something you can do to better yourself

Step three: DO IT!!!!

It’s as easy as 1,2,3

Just a daily motivation tip for you: Don’t ignore your own potential

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