What’s in my makeup bag?!

Ok, before I share my favorite beauty products, I just want to tell you that NO ONE NEEDS MAKEUP TO BE BEAUTIFUL. In this world, it is so important that you remind yourself that. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Never compare yourself to what you see. God created you beautifully and wonderfully. Don’t let anyone tell you different!

Alright, I have a question for you…be honest with yourself.

Why do YOU wear makeup? Keyword YOU. Do you wear it because you think that its a part of life and you HAVE to? Or do you wear it because you’re confident enough in yourself that you wear it when u want to spice things up? Wearing makeup shouldn’t be a hassle. You shouldn’t think that if you don’t wear makeup you’re not beautiful. Wearing it should be fun! If you’re not truly confident in your skin, change it. Now I don’t mean go and get surgery……just research skincare products and try them out! There IS something out there that could potentially clear up your insecurities, YOU have the ability to take charge.

Ok who’s ready to read what’s in my makeup bag?! me me me me me!!

YAY! Here we go…

  1. Covergirl clean matte BB cream.. I use light/medium- shade 530

This is a tinted moisturizer. Every time I do my makeup this is the first step. It is but isn’t like foundation. It gives you some color, however, it doesn’t cover up pimples, scars, etc. I hate the feeling of makeup being caked on my face. This is very light and I love it!

2. Airspun loose face power

This doesn’t have a color. It smells amazing and it leaves my face smooth!

3. Anastasia beverly hills bronzer

I started wearing bronzer this year and I love that it adds a tan look to your face. Since I recently started wearing this, it’s the only bronzer i’ve used. I do like it though!

4. E.L.F highlighter

There are 2 different shades of highlighter in this. I don’t wear highlighter ever. I saw it at the store and I thought it was cute lol. I know….totally spending my money wisely!

5. Real techniques brushes

I got these as a gift and I love them! They are SO SOFT!! Also, if you’re wondering about the tips of the brushes….it isn’t leftover makeup. The brush fades color LOL. I promise I wash them!!

6. Eyebrow brush and pencil in one

I not sure what brand this is but there’re so many out there to purchase. I honestly never did my brows nor do I need to do them. However, I do add more color towards the end of them because I do have a few tiny patches that are not as dark as the rest.

7. Eyelash separator and curler

My look would not be complete without these!!! I have very long eyelashes that stick straight out. When I curl them the ends touch my eyebrows. NO JOKE!! The separator is amazing as well. I have many eyelashes that like to buddy up lol. With this tool, it is so easy to place them where I want it!

8. L’oreal paris Voluminous original mascara.

I have always used this. It is my FAVORITE!! It comes in a few different shades. I use brown to match my hair color and eyebrows. I will never switch!

9. The balm/revlon eyeshadow

I never wear eyeshadow unless it is a very special occasion. Hence why the palettes look brand new. These are a few of my favorite colors. I’m more of a nude kinda girl. Nude as in the color!!!


10. Coola makeup setting spray

MY FAVORITE PRODUCT HOLY MOLY. It has 70% organic products. It has SPF 30 and it smells amazing!! My face seriously is like a babies bum after.

11. Lip stick/gloss

I obviously have many more, however, I wear these the most. The last one- Lip service from pathology is my everyday one. No matter what I’m doing, I use it. If I’m going somewhere fun or special then I will use lipstick or gloss.

That’s it, folks! I really don’t wear much. I like it when my makeup looks natural. I do enjoy rocking my no-makeup look too!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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