Tips for keeping your skin in check

Keeping your skin healthy, smooth, and the best it can be, is a lot of work. Many of us have things we want to change about our skin. Think about what that may be for you. Do you have recurring pimples? Scars that your pimples leave behind? Groups of black heads? Or maybe you don’t know what skin care line is best for you. It’s hard to know what your skins needs are. I really struggled trying to find the best products to use. I didn’t really know where to start at first either. However, after trying out different combinations of products, I found what worked best for my skin. I don’t personally know what your skins needs are and I’m not a dermatologist either. However, if you don’t know where to start, here is a list of things I put together to start you off:

  1. Cleansing in the morning AND evening is a MUST: Ok listen…..NEVER EVER sleep with your makeup on! Holy moly, I cannot express this enough. I am proud to say I have only done this once a long time ago. I woke up feeling disgusting and my face hated me. Promise yourself that even though you might be really tired and lazy you will TAKE OFF YOUR MAKEUP AND WASH YOUR FACE! Now I don’t mean just use baby oil or makeup wipes and then head to bed. NO. You will leave your face oily and at that point it really doesn’t matter if you took it off or not. I started using the Averr Aglow luminous clear skin kit and IT WORKS WONDERS!! It’s all natural and leaves your skin feeling refreshed. Find what works for you and stick with it. Your skin loves consistency so make sure you don’t switch up your products too often.
  2. Drink LOTS of water: I myself have trouble drinking a lot of water. I typically drink 2 bottles during the day, however, I find that late at night I tend to down at least 2 bottles. My body is telling me that I’m dehydrated during the day and I need to make a change. Water is really the only thing I drink (besides tea and milk once in a while) -Stay away from soda and energy drinks….they’re not good for you. They might taste good but you can buy flavored water. If you want to see a change in your skin..DRINK WATER. Our bodies need 6-8 glasses a day. Make this your goal! Your skin will thank you and so will your body!
  3. Protect your skin from the sun: This is such an important step in your daily routine. Whether it’s applying sunscreen before makeup or using makeup that has it in it. I don’t wear foundation but I use a tinted moisturizer and it has SPF. Really make sure you check your makeup products.
  4. Have a healthy diet: I’m sure you have heard this so many times but eat healthy. Yeah I know…it’s not as easy as it looks but really tell yourself that it will benefit you. If you actually want to help your skin, you WILL DO THIS. Eating healthy isn’t just for your skin, you will feel more active and refreshed during the day.

Ok, obviously there are way more tips on helping your skin be at its best, but start with these!

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