How to “SIMPLIFY” your life

How to simplify your life 101: sleep and don’t worry about anything. If only it were that easy. There’re so many different things we can do to relieve ourselves from stress or chaos. However, are we taking initiative? What are you doing to help yourself? Well, here’s where I come in….7 ways to start taking action in your life and make it more simple:

Say no and own it: Saying NO is not a bad thing. This is your life and it’s important that you do what you want, even if your answer disappoints people. If you don’t want to do something, be firm and say no.

Relationships: Don’t waste your time on people who don’t make a positive difference in your life. Invest your time and energy on those that count.

Your expectations: Stick to what you expect. Be realistic and focus on your priorities.

Your finances: Track/map your monthly income and outgoings. Plan and save more. (A few months ago I started saving all my change and it has REALLY payed off)

Your health/fitness: Find simple and realistic ways to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your day. Especially now that we have the time.

Your nights: Prepare for the next day. Find time to unwind and relax before bed. (Read, drink tea, wear fuzzy socks, write in your gratitude journal, do bible studies..devotions..etc)

Your time: Be more productive and efficient. Put things back where you found it. Something that really helps me out is if you see that something needs to get done DO IT. Do it right away and you wont have to worry about it later. Don’t sleep in late, wake up and make your bed.

If you want to live your best life without created stress……set boundaries for yourself and be productive. Don’t waste your time, think realistic, and do for you!

To start…here’s a little cleaning list for you.

Everyday: Wipe down counter tops/kitchen, wash dishes, one load of laundry…everything you take out put back when you’re done.

Once a week: Scrub showers/toilets/sinks/appliances, change bed linens, vacuum, wash floors, dust, and take out trash,

Once a month: Clean inside microwave/oven, clean cabinets, wipe down door knobs/lights switches, and disinfect trash cans.

Once a season: Check pantry/cabinets/fridge for expired items, air out rooms/drapes, clean blankets/sort through closets…, wash windows and screens.

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