Mother’s day gift ideas for 2020

It’s almost mother’s day! What are you getting your mom? If your answer is that you’re not sure, then this post is for you! Think about what your mom has done for you and continues to do. Even though mothers day is once a year, it’s important to show them how much you care every day.

All mothers are guilty of wanting to relax and just have time to focus on themselves. Here are a few gifts that allow them to do that:

Luxurious candles- What mom wouldn’t want their house smelling delicious? My absolute favorite candles are Bath and Body, Yankee, and Keepers of the light. Keepers of the light has always been the top pick from my grandma, down to me. If your mom loves the homemade bakery smells, banana nut bread is a must have!!

Comfy slippers- Muck lucks and UGGs are the BEST slippers and you can’t change my mind!! All moms want their feet feeling cozy and warm….this is the perfect gift to fulfill that want!

Bath salts- Do moms really have time to take a bath? Probably not that much….but when they do, amazing smelling bath salts are the way to go!

Lotion/perfume/body wash- Pretty much anything for the shower that will make them feel pampered. If it looks like it will do the job, add to cart!

Robe- Ok, Im not sure how many of you actually wear robes, but my family does. Well…us girls. Robes are really warm, comfy, and I think they’re cute too! I would never wear my robe in public, but while were under the stay-at-home order, I would definitely take advantage of this gift!

Heat tools- Curling iron, straightener, blow dryer, diffuser, etc. If your mom enjoys doing her hair a lot, she could probably use a new one! Any hair products would be a good gift too, however, try to stick with products you know she uses.

Foot balm- Your mother will love this….we tend to forget about our feet and the attention they need. Whether you’re on your feet all day or a little bit, your feet will feel smooth and refreshed after this!

Silk sleep mask- This is a necessity for a good nights sleep! I can’t sleep with even a little bit of light peaking in and this sleep mask does the trick! Silk is known to be beneficial for your skin and hair. Slip is my favorite brand!

Diffuser- Getting your mother a diffuser is a win-win. We have them all around the house! There are many different essential oils you can purchase. Every oil is different and has a specific purpose! I received mine as a gift and I LOVE IT!

Handmade soap- Right now, washing our hands is our best friend! Homemade soap smells amazing, looks appealing, and is a necessity in the world! You can’t go wrong with this gift!

These were just a few ideas for a mothers day gift. There are many things you can buy, but the perfect gift is something you can make. Even if you printed out photos and framed them. Anything you give your mother will be a hit. Remember that she has you, and that’s the gift of a lifetime!

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