A few beauty habits I believe in

There are a few different beauty habits I believe in that make a positive difference, in well, your beauty! As you know, there are so many products on the market and its hard to determine which ones are number 1. Even if we come across a well known product that works wonders, it takes a bit for you to see results. Below, you will see some beauty habits and tips that I have learned from many people (mom, grandma, friends, and more) who all take wonderful care of their beauty needs! πŸ™‚

Always wash your face before bed and when you get up. I can’t stress this enough! Washing your face in general is so important for healthy skin. Washing your face prevents skin irritation, breakouts, and keeps your lashes from becoming frail and falling out. Also, your skin mends itself at night and a clean face is able to soak up your skin care products easier. I use GOPURE VITAMIN C CLEANSER. It is sulfate free, has organic oil, and is a natural herbal blend. It leaves my face feeling smooth and refreshed.

Take vitamins and elderberry. There are many vitamins you can take, however, my favorite is TOPCARE HEALTH vitamin C- 500 mg. It helps to support your immune system and it is a natural orange flavor! It tastes amazing! I used to take elderberry every day, however, I have noticed that my body gets used to it and it doesn’t do its job when I start to feel sick. One of my top picks is SAMBUCUS standardized elderberry gummies. It is gelatin-free, gluten-free, and helps with your immune system as well. I usually order these so they will take a few days to arrive. In the meantime, Mamas blooming elderberry syrup ingredient mix is ALL organic, with a very few ingredients. I order this when I want to switch things up. Its delicious and one 1.8 oz bag makes a lot! As long as your taking a spoonful here or there when you feel your getting sick, it will work wonders for your body.

Before you get out of the shower, rinse your hair and face with ice cold water for about 30 seconds. The ice cold water will close your face pores and hair follicles. That way, when your out of the shower, your hair will be silky, smooth, and shiny!

Exfoliate and moisturize your body. Exfoliating your body will help prevent bacteria, dirt, and sweat from getting stuck underneath your skins surface. I personally do this in the shower. The warm water helps open your pores and a textured sponge will scrub off the dead skin. This will leave your body feeling as smooth as a baby’s bum. Moisturizing with lotion is really important as well. After you exfoliate, your skin may become a little dry. You can use any lotion, however my personal favorite are any of the O P I’s. I have the whole collection…. πŸ™‚

Drink a lot of water. Drinking water is SO IMPORTANT because our body is 60% made up of it. Drinking water is very beneficial: it flushes out toxins, prevents bloating, and it keeps you hydrated. It shouldn’t be a chore to drink water, make it more fun. Purchase a cute water bottle to keep it in. That way you can refill it anywhere you go and it turns into a cute accessory.

Clean up your diet. While being stuck in our homes, it is very easy to bored eat. Cleaning up your diet isn’t super tricky. Try to find foods that make you feel light and refreshed for the day. Greasy foods are not going to do that. They will make your face oily and cause weight gain, bloating, and acne. Eat to feel satisfied, not stuffed.

Overall, aim to take care of yourself. You have the time right now. I just gave you a few beauty habits to start with. Once you do these for a while, you will feel so much better in your own skin.

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